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Another World, Another Time.. In the Age of Wonder

27 December
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Lets just say that I'm a bit of a nut bag at times.. I have a wicked sense of humor, strong willed and level headed(at times)Love to party though but also like my quiet times... There's more to me then meets the eye.. so i am sure u will find out more...
"smile and be happy and my the swoosh be with you"

"Life is a daring adventure... Or nothing"

"To find peace of mind, from my own thoughts, relif, Someday.. Hopefully..

a lot of stuff, adventurous outings, alcohol, and much more...., animals, anime, aphex twin, astral_projection, astrology, balloons, basically everything and anything..., bass, beaches, beads, beatles, being myself, bisexuality, boffins, bonkers, bubbles, buddhism, buttercup, carl cox, cartoons, cats, chatting, cheese, chocolate, clubbing, coffee, colours, computers, cooking, creating stuff, crystal method, cuddles, dancing, deep house, dice, dinners, dj_shadow, dnb, doofs, drinking, drugs, drum and bass, dyewitness, eating, enlightenment, everything, expensive beer, family guy, fantasy, fire twirling, food, forests, franz ferdinand, friends, frogs, fully sik, fun, gatecrasher, giggles, goa trance, hangin out with friends, happy hardcore, hard trance, hardcore, hardcore punches, hardhouse, horses, house, hugs, ice cream, jeans, jungle, kfc, kisses, kissing long time, lamb, lava lamps, long chats, lots of sex, love, lust, magic, manga, mayhem, movies, music, my carebear, mythology, nurse nasty, parties, peace, photography, piercings, pinky and the brain, pizza, placebo, playing around, poetry, postcards, psy trance, rain, raves, raving, red dwarf, red wine, roleplaying games, scott brown, seafood, sex, silvester, sleeping, smooches, snuggles, socialising, sorcery, sparkly things, stephen king, stomping, swimming, symbols, tattoos, techno, tokyo ghetto pussy, toys, trance, tranquility, traveling, trippa of them all...., twirling, underworld, urane, vampires, vodka, wet stormy cloudy days, white/red wine, wicca, wonders, wrist cuffs